Want the secret to training any dog? I have never seen a dog that could not be trained. With that being said, I have seen dog owners and dog care providers that never took the time to train their dog and then wonder why their pet is out of control.

Ok, here is the secret….Desire, Consistency and 15 minutes a day. Yes, it’s just that simple.

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Every pet owner wants to make sure that their yard is a safe place for their pets to play. Unfortunately, there are all kinds of dangers that lurk in backyards. It’s important for pet owners to be aware of these potential dangers so that they can keep their pet protected.

In most cases these outside dangers apply to your dog but if you have cats that play or explore outside, it is also important to be aware for their sake.

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When you have completed your dogs training program, the training is not finished, you are simply entering a different level of training. Through experience, I have learned 5 simple tips which will assure that you have a well trained dog for the rest of his or hers life.

1. Continue the training

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This info-graphic by Truth About Pet Food.com, is a must see for all pet care providers as it explains the serious federal law violations allowed in pet foods/animal foods, violations the consumer is never warned of on product labels.


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This very timely article by Dr Al Plechner DVM, addresses a topic that is coming to the forefront of pet health, and explores the dangers to our pets with the chemicals used today to treat certain problems such as fleas or other pests.

Are we helping our beloved pets or hurting them? This article will answer that question.

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