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Human Health

We often hear stories that claim that pets,  make people healthier and even help them live longer more productive lives, but are these stories true?  Is there any science to back up these claims?  The answer is yes!  People with pets do lead healthier lives in many ways. 

According to numerous studies, pets provide a wide array of health benefits to people, ranging from lowering blood pressure to helping to fight depression. 

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According to Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Joel Wallach, the Tibetans in Western China, the Hunzas in Eastern Pakistan, the Georgians in Western Russia, theArmenians, the Abkhazians and the Azerbaijanis, the Vilcabamba in Ecuador, and the Titicaca in Peru, routinely live to be a 120 or even 140 years old.

To add to this, these people don’t live in nursing homes; they live full, productive and enjoyable lives.

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Today’s post is entitled Reclaimed, Municipal Water:  Is it hurting us?

Water is vital for the survival of both our pets and ourselves. Did you know that reclaimed water may contain many contaminants which your local municipal water district is not testing for. 

For you and your pets health, this is a must read article on Nutricula Magazine authored by Dr. Al Plechner, DVM, and Bob Berger, MS, MVSc, PhD. 

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Eating healthy for yourself and your pet makes great sense, but are you really providing, for you and your pet, all those necessary micronutrients that no longer occur in the soils? These same deficient soils are producing the foods you are eating and feeding to your pet?

The sad truth is, our agricultural farmlands and soils are depleted of their natural mineral nutrients. Yes, our soils are deficient and are just plain tired from being overworked agriculturally. Today, farmers routinely add artificial chemicals to the soils and make them chemically saturated, in order to force their crops to grow.

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The structure of the antioxidant vitamin ascor...
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Antioxidant, we have all heard the term being used but what are they and what do they really do? An antioxidant is a substance that protects normal body cells from the damage done by free radicals (a highly reactive atom or group of atoms with an unpaired electron).

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