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Dr. Plechner-life & times

To finish the story…

Jay and his buddies were there and they hooked up and flake out the hose.

What the fire department will tell is that the best way to fight a fire is to prevent the fires ability to consume your house. You hopefully will do this year’s ahead of a brush fire. No trees close to the house. If possible clear the brush as far away from all structures and plant fire retardant plants like Coyote

Brush and for goodness sack do not have wooden shack roof, and never think your area will never sustain a disastrous fire.

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The first happened I believe in the mid 80s.

My wild life preserve was located in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains in Cold Canyon. We had are own micro climate there. The rainfall at that time in LA was approximately 16 to 17 inches for the year. Cold canyon and my preserve received twice that amount.

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When I first graduated from the veterinary school at the University of California at Davis, I became aware that many of the animals I was seeing appeared to have some sort of allergies, ranging from skin problems to bowel problems etc.

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Warning Disturbing content about the – VACUUM CHAMBER

Many years ago, I was involved with silencing the use of vacuum chambers used in the local animal shelters for euthanasia. The administration of a lethal injection, of a concentrated anesthetic, was much more humane. I had been trying to figure out a way to stop this procedure, at least as a beginning, here in the state if California. I happened to see a documentary on killing baby fur seals with clubs, and electrocution. It was senseless and horrible. It definitely helped me get my direction rolling.

I contacted the media, to let them know what my plan was. My local association got wind of what I was going to show people on TV, which was the chamber and slides of the poor animals that lost their life through subjecting them to this horrible way to die.. The president of my local veterinary association called me up to tell me how gentle this type of euthanasia was. I said have you ever examined or watched an animal suffer while being subjected to this? Have ever examined the ruptured blood vessels in the lungs when the vacuum is applied? He said no. I told him a lethal injection of a concentrated anesthetic was a much more humane way to end an animal’s life.

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I had been interested in our bighorn sheep in California for a long time. My concern had been if my syndrome was beginning. I had a report out of the Chicago Zoo, that a bighorn ewe had given birth to a failing lamb that had pneumonia. The lamb was checked for the antibody level in the lungs, and it, the IgA was deficient.  Along with this came my worry that with highways and fences, the sheep could no longer move freely, and this did set them up for my syndrome which develops when there is a dominant male or son of a dominant male. When the family ties become too close Mother Nature may create my syndrome.

I volunteered to be the research immunologist for the Big horn Sheep Society. Charley Jenner was the other veterinarian. Jim De Forge let the group. We would fly out in helicopters to count the sheep in the San Gabriel Mountains. The herd seemed to flourish.

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