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First things first, I want to wish everyone and their beloved pets, a WONDERFUL 2015!!!

If you have had your pet since they were very young, and they are now old and gray, clearly you have been doing something right. The most important thing to remember about keeping a pet healthy, happy and comfortable in old age is that they should have been kept healthy, happy and active in youth.

To help your pet live healthy and long lived, be sure to provide good care throughout their life. Make sure all vaccinations are up to date ( I will discuss the pros and cons of vaccinations in future articles), feed a “High” quality pet food, keep plenty of fresh water available at all times and keep your pet safe and secure indoors and in a well fenced yard.

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Selecting the right breed of dog for you and your family, would seem to be an easy decision but in reality, it’s not. There are many breeds to choose from with each having different characteristics. Below, I have listed some tips that along with some research on your part, will help you find the right dog. At the end of the article, I have also provided a link to an article written by Dr Al Plechner DVM where he gives his perspective on the topic.

So let’s start off with, are you thinking about a big dog are little dog? A lot of that depends on where you house the dog. Do you live in a small apartment, or do have a house with a nice backyard, or possibly you live in the country. These are all things to think about when you’re selecting a dog.

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Before I tell you what I have personally seen, through the years, including in our rescue, let me say that people will have different perspectives on this question, depending on their own experiences with their pet’s.  Some people have had pet’s that appeared to recognize and know their mother or siblings when they encountered them at a later time.  Others have had pet’s that didn’t seem to know family members when they encountered them later.

From what I know, I would venture an educated guess that much depends on the individual cat or dog and their experiences when they were young.  If a kitten or puppy is removed from its mother at a very young age, probability is, they had less chance to form strong bonds.  The kitten or puppy will probably be less likely to remember their mother and siblings a year or two later.

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Dear Friends,

I am extremely excited to announce the release of my new eBook entitled “Your Guide to Whole and Complete Pet Health”. It has taken awhile with various obsticles slowing me down but I am very pleased with its depth of information and the fact that it will help pet care takers “immensely”with their pets health & longevity.

I have worked for many years to hone my skills in pet health and pet care – from working very closely with one of the worlds best and formost veterinarians to the experiences and achievements within our rescue and sanctuary, to years of research and study.

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The day is finally upon us when all breeders of animals must take into consideration what purpose their animals were originally created for.

We are in a Genetic Ice Age

The difficulties that breeders are experiencing with their animals today, comes mainly from structure breeding as opposed to function breeding.

As a breeder, if you are experiencing various medical effects including reduced or dead litters, early abortion, false pregnancies, cryptorchidism, monorchidism, reduced sperm, ovum production and finally sterility, there is something you can do to control these problems.

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