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Wishes you a very Happy Holiday Season and a Wonderful 2015 !!!



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Dear Friends,

I am extremely excited to announce the release of my new eBook entitled “Your Guide to Whole and Complete Pet Health”. It has taken awhile with various obsticles slowing me down but I am very pleased with its depth of information and the fact that it will help pet care takers “immensely”with their pets health & longevity.

I have worked for many years to hone my skills in pet health and pet care – from working very closely with one of the worlds best and formost veterinarians to the experiences and achievements within our rescue and sanctuary, to years of research and study.

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Michael Goldman here with the Healthy Pet Network. I want to wish each and everyone of you a Wonderful and Very Happy 2014!!!.

A couple of quick notes to start the year. It’s time to get going and back in the flow. Next week I will once again provide valuable blog posts related to Pet Health, Pet Care and Pet Training. Within the next couple of weeks/January 2014 will see the release my new book entitled “Your Guide to Whole & Complete Pet Health”.

Your Guide to Whole & Complete Pet Health, is a must read to keeping your beloved pet healthy and long lived. Learn the important basics of pet health, how to avoid very costly and unnecessary Veterinary visits, how to detect potential life threatening problems early and most importantly, how to develop solutions to these life shortening problems. The information found in this book, will help you “take control” and manage your pets health so that they will be with you for a very long time. 

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Eating healthy for both you and your pet makes great sense, but are you really providing all the necessary micronutrients that are no longer found in the soils, and that are producing the foods you are eating and also feeding to your pet?

The sad truth is, our agricultural farmlands and soils are depleted of their natural mineral nutrients. Yes, our soils are deficient and are just plain tired from being overworked agriculturally. Today, farmers routinely add artificial chemicals to the soils and make them chemically saturated, in order to force their crops to grow.

The reality is, without essential minerals, the body is nutritionally bankrupt. This, in combination with other unfriendly environmental factors, causes a gradual breakdown of ourselves, our animals, and our earth. As this gradual breakdown is occurring, a concentration of predisposing factors of poor health are being created, causing diseases such as allergies, cancer, auto-immunity, osteoporosis and more.

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I want to write about something a little different today. I want to write about the oldest of our Ferral cats. His name (I call him) the Tabby. I have been taking care of him for 10 years now. In our miserable cold winter climate this is a testimony to him. I remember a fairly barren back yard that he made his home. It’s much different now as I have built them houses, and enclosure for eating, coverings to keep them out of the rain and bad weather and all I could do to give him and the other feral cats a good home. They have a home, food and occassional medical attention when they needed it and if I could catch them. It took us years to finally spay and neuter them all.

If I apprear rambling I am sorry as I am quite upset and in tears. The Tabby is on his last legs. Once the biggest of the feral cats he is now a shell of his former self. I know he has cancer and these are his last days. I am sad doing all I can but this is not nearly enough. As much as I love all our animals, indoors or not, as much as I know about pet health, there is only so much I can do especially for a feral cat and/or cancer when it hits and rears its ugly head. I can monitor them better and catch & treat problems early with our indoor kids.

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