Nutritional Supplements

According to Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Joel Wallach, the Tibetans in Western China, the Hunzas in Eastern Pakistan, the Georgians in Western Russia, theArmenians, the Abkhazians and the Azerbaijanis, the Vilcabamba in Ecuador, and the Titicaca in Peru, routinely live to be a 120 or even 140 years old.

To add to this, these people don’t live in nursing homes; they live full, productive and enjoyable lives.

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Antioxidant – we have all heard the term being used but what are they and what do they really do?

An antioxidant is a substance that protects normal body cells, from the damage of free radicals.

Free radicals are produced from the oxidation that occurs with metabolism and its production of energy. Free radicals have been implicated in the changing of the structure of normal cells causing catastrophic disorders, like heart diseases, auto-immunity, cancer and many other severe disorders.

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I have had the wonderful opportunity to use this natural compound as a wonderful additive to enhance the health of many birds, including chickens.

I had a bird of prey center set up for the US Wildlife Service plus the Department of Fish and Game here in the state of California, in the Santa Monica Mountains for many years, including the treatment of many other native wild birds and mammals. My preserve was called Stone Wood Meadows and was located at the base of Cold Canyon in the hills of Malibu. Cold creek ran through the property and also provided 10,000 acres of habitant release. Stone Wood Meadows set a coastal standard for wildlife over recreation in the coastal zone in the State of California.

As a veterinary student, graduating from The University of California at Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine, I was treated to some wonderful classes in avian medicine, which I found very fascinating. My future work involved providing better nutrition and health for all avian species with the use of this special calcium montmorillinite.

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This special calcium montmorillonite is an advanced, natural creation by the action of the earth that provides many profound uses to provide maximum health for all types of horses. This special calcium montmorillonite is comprised of 57 naturally occurring trace minerals that are chelated, which means these trace minerals occur in a form that the body will absorb, only if the body needs them. This special calcium montmorillonite will aid in promoting maximum health for both you and your horse and will also promote better healing from many diseases, when included with standard, medical therapy.

This special calcium montmorillinite promotes healthy bones, ligaments, and tendons, while stopping bone loss, which is referred to as osteoporosis. N.A.S.A. has used this product for several years, to help stop the bone loss in the astronauts, when they spacewalk at zero gravity.

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NutraMin provides a safe, convenient way to eliminate stored toxins from your animal’s body and at the same time supply it with needed macro, micro and trace minerals in their most natural and original form. This amazing product provides the stabilizing, regenerative agent that more and more people are giving to their pets and farm animals every day to keep them healthy and happy.

Calcium Montmorrillonite is safe, effective and economical. Its health-giving effects come in two phases. The first is a fast-acting stage, immediately after eating it. The compound attracts and adheres to toxic and bacterial substances that attack and weaken your animal’s body.

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