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Were at that wonderful time of year when we can spend more time with our beloved pets outside, enjoying their company, enjoying the outdoors together all the while getting needed exercise. Seems each year, I offer this article, For the simple reason that I like it and I hope you do to. ENJOY!


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Dogs are often referred to as a man’s best friend. Dogs can be your constant companion, your protector, and your best buddy. Here are five interesting facts you may not have known about your dog:

1. In a wild setting, dogs typically travel in groups or packs. If you look at wolves for example, you will see how they tend to roam in groups. Since your dog probably just lives with you or maybe a few other dogs, he sees you as a his fellow pack member. This is why your dog is affectionate, might follow you around, and treats you like part of his family. It’s because you are!

2. You might notice that your dog eats his food really quickly, sometimes almost inhaling it . In prehistoric times, dogs were often threatened by predators who might steal their food. They eat really quickly because their instincts tell them to hurry up and eat before a predator or competitor comes along.

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I thought you would love to see this short, wonderful video: The orangutan and the hound dog.


Call me sentimental but seeing things like this makes life worth living.

Yours in Health,

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If you have ever tried to take a good picture of your pet you probably already know that it can be a hit or miss affair.  You may get lucky and get a great snap or, more often than not, you get your pet’s nose on the lens or his tail swishing where a pet used to be standing.  Pet’s can drive you nuts when you’re trying to get a picture. 

Most people want their pet to be clean and well-groomed when they start taking his picture, but don’t discount a fun photo of your dog when he’s been swimming or playing in the mud! 

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I want to share this must see video sent to me by my good friend Dr Alfred Plechner DVM. I had seen it before but it is a wonderful video about a Gorilla and his reunion with a human. It always brings happy tears to my eyes and I find it SOOOO heart warming and what makes life so wonderful. I have always loved Gorillas and if I had my life to do over, I would dedicate it to raising beautiful, wonderful animals such as these. Enjoy–Michael


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