Dr. Alfred Plechner

Dr. Al Plechner DVM has saved many animal lives. This article by David Spangenburg details why the good doctor is so relevant in today’s world
and includes must have info regarding your pets health.

Yours in Health,

Michael Goldman

As many of you know, Dr Alfred Plechner DVM, is one of the best veterinarians in the world today. I am often amazed by how perceptive and ahead of his time he is. I will next post an article on Plechner Syndrome also called ACEIS or Atypical Cortisol Estrogen Imbalance Syndrome, helping to describe some of his most important clinical studies. This will help us better understand hormones and the immune system and the tremendous part they play in areas of pet health such as cancer, allergies, autoimmune disorders such as SARDS & Lupus and more.

The doctors specialties are the immune system, the endocrine system and nutrition. This article by the good doctor, will give you a good understanding of how hormone production and balance, effects and regulates the immune system and its importance to pet health. You will also discover why “balance” is so important when discussing hormones.

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SARDS (Sudden Aquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome) has been around for quite some time but it’s only been the last few years that it has been seen and recognized as a truly catastrophic disease.  Many veterinarians may have heard of it but know very little about it. When my beloved dog Rex was going blind, our Vet, recognized as one of, if not the best in my town, had no idea of what was happenning and did exploratory surgery on Rex’s eyes to try to find an answer. This only made things worse. Finally, as Rex had just gone blind, he referred me to an opthomalogist  who diagnosed him with SARDS. When discussing things with this doctor, she said they new very little about it. In a discussion I had with her a year or two later she said they THINK it is an auto immune disease. Now we know it IS an autoimmune disease, caused by an endocrine immune imbalance. It is EXTREMELY TIME SENSITIVE. A dog can start having trouble seeing and within a couple of weeks, go completely blind.

This is the reason I write about it as much as I do, in the hopes of alerting people of this horrific disease, so they can do something as soon as they see any clinical signs begin. Making people aware will enable them to act sooner, than later, with more confidence, unlike myself and many others, I have worked with that had no idea about what was going on and waited to act until it was too late.

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All the world health care experts are trying to find an answer, quick fix or a possible medication to cure or control this deadly, uncontrolled tissue growth that is taking the lives of these wonderful children. I can hardly believe the horrible sorrow that their parents must feel, by bringing their wonderful babies into a world of terminal disease, suffering and finally watching them die. To look into the eyes of these children, that are trying so hard to live, and yet they know they cannot live, is so tragic. Have you ever looked into their dark eyes and bald heads from the chemo, knowing that these infants have turned into old people waiting to die? Yet the research continues on trying to find out what the electron is saying to the neutron, and also wondering if the enzyme progression has been interrupted and also how the changes in our environment might lead to  this uncontrolled tissue growth that are killing our babies

Isn’t it time to look elsewhere for answers?

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No matter how you feel about stem cell research, I am sure that we all agree that there are still many serious medical problems that desperately need to be addressed. Aids, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Muscular Dystrophy, coronary occlusion, all types of auto-immunity, cancer…the list is long and in many cases lethal. When you consider all of the amazing advances we’ve had in medical science in just the last 50 years. The real ‘medical wonder’ is that there are still millions of suffering people crying out for answers.

Yes, we’ve had our share of ‘amazing advances’ but they have primarily been concerned with treatment of the effects. We have beaten some diseases into remission but we haven’t scored many knock outs. Stem Cell research does offer many potential ‘breakthroughs’. However, the road it travels is filled with so many religious and political potholes it seems like it can’t get out of second gear.

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