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Most dogs not only want but need a considerable amount of exercise. In fact if you pick up a good book about labradors or golden retrievers you’ll find that most of them will tell you that your dog needs to run 3 miles a day. So the question is are you up to it.

If you’re like most, you’re not running 3 miles a day so we have to find another way to exercise your dog adequately. Good long walks can help tremendously but again if you’re not a walker or the weather doesn’t allow how are you really going to get the dog exercised.

One method that is really good is to teach your dog to walk on the treadmill. They make treadmills that are specifically for dogs but they’re very expensive. So using the family treadmill or purchasing one at a sporting goods store for about $300 will do the trick.

Of course walking and running are not the only ways to exercise your dog. If your dog enjoys retrieving a ball you can give him some great exercise in a 20 to 30 minute session.

I use to take my lab Jack to the park across the street and throw the tennis ball or use a tennis racket to hit the ball and have him retrieve it. My wonderful Jack passed away last year but he lived to 16 years of age as our dogs live long, happy lives. He also loved to hike with me.

If you enjoy bicycling there are attachments that you can use to attach to your bike and then attach your dog so he runs along with you safely. Look around the Internet you will find some of these items that I’m talking about.

of course you have to take the weather into consideration. During the summer you want to make sure that your exercise happens early in the morning or late in the evening when it’s cool. Running or walking your dog on hot asphalt or concrete can definitely burn their pads.

When you start an exercise program with your dog you need to work into it slowly. Just like a human being you don’t start off running 5 miles you work up to it slowly.

Playtime can also count as exercise. Playing with the kids or other dogs, in the backyard can give your dog a good workout.

A question I’m asked quite often is does the trainer need to be the exerciser also? The answer is no, the entire family can take turns exercising the dog. So not only is the dog staying healthy but all members of the family are getting exercise as well.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t exercise your dog to close to chow time. I always like to warn people about bloat. If you’re not familiar with bloat look it up on the Internet or ask your vet. Bloat can be a killer or at least put your dog in the emergency clinic.

To avoid bloat I always tell everybody not to exercise or stress your dog for one hour before his mealtime and again for one hour after mealtime. If you will follow this simple guideline you’ll probably never experience bloat.

There are a bunch of different ways to get the exercise your dog needs. Find one that works for you, your dog and your family to keep all of you in excellent physical condition.

Yours in Health,

Michael Goldman
About the Author:

Michael Goldman is an entrepreneur, teacher, writer/author, & animal care provider, who along with his wife Terry are best known as the founders of the Healthy Pet Network. As respected authorities and consultants regarding Animal Health & Longevity, they help people with their pet’s health & well being. Their “passion” is the continued development of the Healthy Pet Network Animal Rescue and Sanctuary. The Rescue and Sanctuary provides a home, food, medical attention and love for homeless or injured animals.
For more information, or to reach Michael, please visit the main site @ www.healthypetnetwork.org or through their informational blog @ www.healthypetnetwork.net

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