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As we make upgrades to our sites for the purpose of better offering our information, education, products and services, I think it important to discuss our vision and just what the Healthy Pet Network is all about. At the bottom, you will find the HPN Mission Statement. This acts as our guidance system to help us make sure we stay on track.

As we plan our future we also reflect on our past.

Not only have we been a source of valuable information and education to help pet owners with their pets health & longevity but we also act as a valuable resource to those seeking help for their beloved pet, whether it be to provide caring support or as in many cases, veterinary help from Doctor Plechner, when they could not find it or afford it elsewhere.

Our proudest moments have been successfully helping others who could not get help elsewhere.

We have come a long way but our best and most productive days, lie ahead of us. With your continued help and support we will succeed.

As we continue to contribute to charities, we also plan and prepare for our “Dream” animal sanctuary to provide a home, food, medical attention and love for homeless or injured animals. A portion of all we earn goes to this mission. Ultimately, we want to be a source for grants for animal care providers. Right now, in this current economy, these monies to help animals are sorely needed.

We place great value on the relationships we have developed and on the new friends we continue to meet.

Our guiding principles are integrity, fairness and compassion. We are driven by an unconditional love and deep respect for animals and concern for their conditions. We support “outside of the box” innovation and are firm believers in challenging the status quo to be far better than it already is.

We are going thru some changes, which is normal. Some of these changes have been in response to positive growth. Other changes have been brought upon by not so positive experiences that required the ability to adapt due to current market trends. We also faced the loss of one of our dear friends and co founders who due to personal challenges, tearfully had to say good bye. All in all, it has been a learning lesson but we are up for the challenge and above all else, we are determined to make a positive difference in the lives of animals.



HPN — Mission Statement


The Healthy Pet Network is a character based coalition of forward thinking animal health care professionals and advocates who promote proactive care, preventative practice and innovative techniques in animal health.

Our mission is to create a unique online support community. A cutting edge website; which is an interactive
network of information, education, products and services that promote and enhance Whole & Complete Animal Health and promises all the tools needed to create a ‘foundation of wellness’ that will keep all pets and their human companions safe from catastrophic illness and disease.




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