Dr Alfred J. Plechner’s greatest achievement lies in the discovery that a great many pet health problems are interrelated to the hormonal irregularities and immune system imbalances that are the hallmarks of the syndrome that Dr Plechner discovered and the Plechner Protocol, that he developed to determine and adjust these deadly imbalances, that cause a number of catastrophic diseases in animals and people.

Dr Alfred Plechner was critically instrumental in ending the use of vacuum chambers for euthanasia and initiating the use of lethal injections when absolutely necessary. He assisted in the passage of legislation which halted interstate shipping of young and genetically damaged puppies and kittens.

Dr Plechner conceived and created Stonewood Meadows, his wildlife preserve in the Santa Monica Mountains. The preserve offered various governmental agencies an opportunity to relocate captured and injured indigenous wildlife. Dr Plechner cared for, repaired and then relocated the healthy wildlife back into their natural environment thereby reducing the amount of animals euthanized by the agencies. His battle with the California Coastal Commission over the creation of Stonewood Meadows Preserve also set a major legal precedent in the ongoing Wildlife Preservation vs. Recreational Usage legal debate.

Dr Plechner also formulated the recipes for the first; non-meat animal diet, lamb and rice animal diet and limited antigen animal diets in the world. For more information on Dr. Plechner, please click here: Contact

Yours in Health,

Dr Alfred J. Plechner DVM

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