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If you’re a pet lover there are many ways you can become involved in helping animals and doing volunteer work.  It’s not even necessary for you to own a dog or cat to get involved.  There are lots of groups and organizations which are always looking for dedicated volunteers to help with animals.  The most important asset you can offer is a love of animals and a willingness to get involved. 

Your local animal shelter is a great place to start if you’re looking for a way to help and to become involved in animal volunteer work.  Most shelters are under-staffed and actively rely on volunteers to do a great deal of the daily work involved in caring for animals.  Volunteer jobs may include walking dogs, petting dogs and cats to make them feel more at ease and bathing and grooming.  The best way to find out what your local shelter needs in the way of volunteers is to call and ask, or drop by and speak to the staff.  They will most likely welcome you with open arms. 

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NutraMin provides a safe, convenient way to eliminate stored toxins from your animal’s body and at the same time supply it with needed macro, micro and trace minerals in their most natural and original form. This amazing product provides the stabilizing, regenerative agent that more and more people are giving to their pets and farm animals every day to keep them healthy and happy.

Calcium Montmorrillonite is safe, effective and economical. Its health-giving effects come in two phases. The first is a fast-acting stage, immediately after eating it. The compound attracts and adheres to toxic and bacterial substances that attack and weaken your animal’s body.

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Did you ever think what  if your dentist told you to eat one hard English biscuit every day, you would not need your teeth cleaned?

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An article from the University of Tennessee signals that my esteem fellow professionals are finally beginning to understand what this old Vet’s been saying for many years now. They are beginning to realize the dangers of excessive adrenal estrogen. They are close, but alas…no cigar.

It seems they are attempting to reduce the production of adrenal estrogen by using various chemicals to affect it’s source, the adrenal gland. This approach at least shows someone’s been listening to some of what this Animal Doctor’s been saying for quite some time.

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Sunday is for Fun Stuff!  Beware of the Hunter!
This is a great series of kitty and bird 
pictures that
are wonderful to look at, will make you smile.


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