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Catastrophic Disease

SARDS – Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome

Today article (video) is from Dr Plechner DVM. It is entitled:

“ There is Treatment for a SARDS Dog with Sudden Blindness”


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Having had a SARDS dog and knowing how devastating this catastrophic disease is, I try to help people stay informed by writing articles on the subject of SARDS (Sudden Aquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome).

The sad fact is that more and more dogs are diagnosed with this disease while at the same time, most dog owners and even many Veterinarians know very little about the disease. I write various articles on the subject with the intent of helping people be more aware of this disease so if their beloved dog develops the disease, they will have a better understanding and know immediately, what actions to take.

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SARDS (Sudden Aquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome) has been around for quite some time but it’s only been the last few years that it has been seen and recognized as a truly catastrophic disease.  Many veterinarians may have heard of it but know very little about it. When my beloved dog Rex was going blind, our Vet, recognized as one of, if not the best in my town, had no idea of what was happenning and did exploratory surgery on Rex’s eyes to try to find an answer. This only made things worse. Finally, as Rex had just gone blind, he referred me to an opthomalogist  who diagnosed him with SARDS. When discussing things with this doctor, she said they new very little about it. In a discussion I had with her a year or two later she said they THINK it is an auto immune disease. Now we know it IS an autoimmune disease, caused by an endocrine immune imbalance. It is EXTREMELY TIME SENSITIVE. A dog can start having trouble seeing and within a couple of weeks, go completely blind.

This is the reason I write about it as much as I do, in the hopes of alerting people of this horrific disease, so they can do something as soon as they see any clinical signs begin. Making people aware will enable them to act sooner, than later, with more confidence, unlike myself and many others, I have worked with that had no idea about what was going on and waited to act until it was too late.

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Dear Friends,

I am extremely excited to announce the release of my new eBook entitled “Your Guide to Whole and Complete Pet Health”. It has taken awhile with various obsticles slowing me down but I am very pleased with its depth of information and the fact that it will help pet care takers “immensely”with their pets health & longevity.

I have worked for many years to hone my skills in pet health and pet care – from working very closely with one of the worlds best and formost veterinarians to the experiences and achievements within our rescue and sanctuary, to years of research and study.

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Today’s Very important post is entitled “Petunia’s Story”.  I have used the phrase “must read” before but if you have dogs, this is an absolute must read about a time sensitive catastrophic disease (SARDS – Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome) and one dog’s journey from blindness to seeing again. 


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