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Most dogs not only want but need a considerable amount of exercise. In fact if you pick up a good book about labradors or golden retrievers you’ll find that most of them will tell you that your dog needs to run 3 miles a day. So the question is are you up to it.

If you’re like most, you’re not running 3 miles a day so we have to find another way to exercise your dog adequately. Good long walks can help tremendously but again if you’re not a walker or the weather doesn’t allow how are you really going to get the dog exercised.

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My most current articles have been about training your dogs. I am going to take a small step back and give you some tips for bringing your new dog or cat into the home so you are best prepared for their new training.

A new pet is a fabulous addition to any family. Here are a few tips to learn the proper way of welcoming the animal and taking care of training so you have a happy, well-adjusted and very well behaved pet.

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I always tell my clients that dog training is something you should enjoy doing with your dog not something that you dread. I have always found that training with my dog was so exciting when the light bulb goes off and the dog grasps the new exercise. I know it is just as exciting for the dog as it is for the trainer.

One thing that you can do to add a little excitement to your training sessions is to change things around. Don’t get into the habit of always making your training sessions the same. Change the order that you do the exercises so your dog does not get bored.

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Do you know what to do if you encounter a dog in an emergency situation? Whether it’s your own dog or a dog you’ve never seen before, your actions can save a life. Here are some steps you can take.

Two Crucial Steps

In every dog health emergency stay calm and think. Approach an injured dog cautiously. Dogs may become aggressive when they are fearful or in pain. If the dog bites you or you become injured yourself you won’t be able to help.

Dog Emergency 1 — Traffic Accident

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Dogs are some of the most incredible animals on earth, they love humans unconditionally, will happily obey our wishes and keep us company anytime we need it. However, at times they can be a little excessive at certain things like licking or chewing. If your dog has developed a habit of licking his paws or chewing the insides of his legs until they are raw then you have a problem that needs to be addressed. Let’s look at a couple of the different reasons they may be excessively licking their paws.

One of the first things that you’ll want to look for is if your dog seems to have a problem with ticks and fleas. There are certain types of ticks that like the warm dark space between your dogs toes, or paws. If you sit down under some bright light and check between all the toes, you might be surprised at how many ticks can fit in there hidden. Fleas also like the warm dark area of the dogs paws and will be seen scurrying out of the way as soon as the lights hits them. If it turns out that this is the problem, then your dog is easily cured by using some good quality, natural flea and tick product to kill the offending bugs. Their paws may continue to itch for several days.

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