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Dr. Alfred Plechner

As I promised in my last post, below you will find (2) articles from Dr Alfred Plechner DVM regarding Vaccinations. Dr Plechner is a world renowned Vet and I thought for those who would like more IN DEPTH information about this somewhat controversial topic, there is no better source of information. As is the norm, information and perspective can change over the years and this will make sure you are up to date.

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Have you ever experienced a situation where there were multiple pets in on house hold and only one or two of the pets experienced a heavy flee infestation?

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You need to consider any chronic disease that continues to occur in your dog as a possible hormone antibody imbalance.

A red line on the gums where the enamel joins the gum, called a gingival flare, is a definite indication. This does not occur as often in dogs as it does in cats.
Any chronic disease may indicate this imbalance.

Chronic parasites, ear mites, skin problems, food sensitivities, idiopathic epilepsy, auto-immunity and cancer all relate to this endocrine immune imbalance referred to as Plechner’s Syndrome.  For more information please contact the HPN website.

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The balance of good health comes from a proper balance of active cortisol from the middle layer of the adrenal cortex and the estrogen that is produced from the inner layer adrenal cortex.

When these two hormones are in a proper balance both the hormone producing system and the immune system regulate the effects of good health.
When an imbalance occurs, the immune system may not protect the body with their functions and can lose recognition of self tissue allowing for destruction of the host.

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By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.


Good health in this day and age comes from a balance of active cortisol and active estrogen and their effect on not only the pituitary, thyroid glands but also on the immune system.

If there is a change in this ratio between active cortisol and active estrogen, then serious diseases may follow.

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