Dr Alfred Plechner DVM

Article written by my good friend David Spangenburg


“Large numbers of pets and people die or become sick before their time despite the best efforts of healthcare professionals. In order to change this, there must be a realization that we are in a, ‘Medical Ice Age’.” – Dr. Alfred J. Plechner DVM

How would you feel if you found out that they’ve discovered a cure for cancer but they’re not going to let anyone know about it? I’m sure you’re all responding to this question by attacking it. “Why would they do that?” “That makes no sense!” “What about the money they could make?”

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Many of you know me for my work in the pet health field. I have studied pet health and trained with world renowned Dr Alfred Plechner DVM for quite a few years, helping many along the way. But did you know that I I have, for even longer, personally trained dogs and even cats to a lesser degree. My wife Terry and myself have a passion for animals and have helped make a difference in their lives through our rescue and sanctuary gaining a ton of experience in both training and pet health.

Let me ask you a question, do you really enjoy working with and being with your dog? Do you feel a need to train and teach your dog new things? Do your friends ask you for training or behavior tips for their dogs? If so you may just be the type of person that should be a dog trainer.

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Wow, here it is July already. Half of 2014 has already come and gone. 4th of July and all its celebrations are right around the corner. Along with these celebrations come the usual fireworks, meaning loud noises. While we enjoy the celebrations and its meaning, many of our pets have an extremely difficult time with this holiday and other events, causing loud noises like thunder.

While we are having fun, how do we make sure our beloved pets remain calm and anxiety free?

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Dear Friends,

I am extremely excited to announce the release of my new eBook entitled “Your Guide to Whole and Complete Pet Health”. It has taken awhile with various obsticles slowing me down but I am very pleased with its depth of information and the fact that it will help pet care takers “immensely”with their pets health & longevity.

I have worked for many years to hone my skills in pet health and pet care – from working very closely with one of the worlds best and formost veterinarians to the experiences and achievements within our rescue and sanctuary, to years of research and study.

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Over the years, I have learned much while educating myself on the very important topic of pet health and longevity. Much of my education comes from working with world renowned veterinarian Dr. Al Plechner DVM. He is certainly one of the world’s best and in my humble opinion, there is none better or more caring than the good doctor. 

I thought I would write about When Is It Time To Consider Euthanasia For Your Pet? My beloved companion Jack, a 15 year old Labrador, who has never been sick a day in his life, is now experiencing some severe old age problems. As I watch him to determine and evaluate his quality of life, I thought this extremely difficult issue was a good one to write about as all of us animal lovers will experience this very painful issue at sometime. For me, this is probably the toughest issue to deal with as an animal care provider. 

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