Medical Ice Age

The uncontrolled weight gain, that is often present in our pets and their owners, is thought to occur due to eating too many calories and not doing enough exercise.

Pet food companies are touting their reduced calorie kibble, their raw diets containing meats, vegetables and fruits while   the schools are feeding the children healthier proteins, vegetables, fruits and less carbohydrates.

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According to the American Cancer Society, there were an estimated 12,332,300 new cases of cancer globally in 2007. This explains the reason why, in 2007, 14% of our country’s gross national product was spent on healthcare. It’s is also very scary to know that one in eight deaths worldwide, is due to cancer.

Cancer has become not only one of the most dreaded but also one of the leading causes of death, worldwide. With this being said, the sad truth is that most, including the medical establishment, don’t understand why cancer occurs. We understand with cancer, that there is unidentified tissue growth but just what causes this uncontrolled tissue growth?

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This article comes from my heart and due to my experiences, is meant as a supplement to Dr Plechners article on SARDS. Please excuse any perceived ranting, as I do feel very strongly about the subject matter and please understand, my intent is to help by providing information that you may find of value.

Several years ago, my little buddy Rex, who was like a son to me, developed a very catastrophic disease called SARDS ( Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome) and became blind. This had a number of implications for the Goldman family, not only for Rex but for all of us. Being an animal lover and caregiver, I never realized just how naïve I was when it came to animal health. We did not know what to do, scrambling around in a daze. The only thing I had going that helped tremendously was my determination and insistence for answers.

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SARDS – Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome, appears to be an auto-immune disease that leads to blindness. It stems from a hormonal antibody imbalance that allows a deregulated immune system to lose its protective functions, thus allowing the system to also lose recognition of its own tissue and turn against the body which causes tissue destruction.

This occurs, due to either a deficiency in cortisol, or the production of a defective cortisol. When this happens, excess sex hormones are produced by the inner layer of the adrenal cortex. I personally believe that the offending hormone is total estrogen. The other sex hormone called androgen, can be transformed into more estrogen, due to an enzyme in the fatty tissue called Aromatase. This has been documented in humans but not with animals. More studies are currently being done.

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The day is finally upon us when all breeders of animals must take into consideration what purpose their animals were originally created for.

We are in a Genetic Ice Age

The difficulties that breeders are experiencing with their animals today, comes mainly from structure breeding as opposed to function breeding.

As a breeder, if you are experiencing various medical effects including reduced or dead litters, early abortion, false pregnancies, cryptorchidism, monorchidism, reduced sperm, ovum production and finally sterility, there is something you can do to control these problems.

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