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By the way, before I continue, these blood tests were done on our dogs, the problems, if any, were determined and the protocol has been followed. Our dogs that exhibited clinical signs or had even been diagnosed with a catastrophic disease, have had NO further problems.  Rex’s sister Millie, who had hemolytic anemia, has not shown any signs of the anemia and acts like a puppy again. Some of our other babies starting to manifest symptoms of disease have been tested are on the protocol and doing very well THANK YOU.

Thanks to Dr Plechner, they are all doing fine now.  A lack of understanding, knowledge and vision by today’s medical establishment, who didn’t have a clue, doomed them in today’s world. All the vet’s could see was the symptoms and effects, there was no attempt to determine the cause.

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Have you ever experienced a situation where there were multiple pets in on house hold and only one or two of the pets experienced a heavy flee infestation?

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The first sign of this imbalance will be a chronic imbalance (problems).

There after the following may also be signs of this imbalance.

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Hello Everyone,

Michael Goldman here with the Healthy Pet Network.

I want to give you a short update on the “goings on” at HPN.

We are extremely excited to announce that the Healthy Pet Network is in the process of becoming a Non Profit. This will probably take a few months to complete this process but we care committed and very excited.

As we plan our future we also reflect on our past.

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This disease occurs due to the development of an imbalance in naturally produced active cortisol from the middle layer adrenal cortex.

This leads to an elevated total estrogen, produced from the inner layer adrenal cortex, which deregulates both the B and T lymphocytes. With this syndrome, what I have found, is that when the deregulation occurs, the T cell will not protect the animal or human from viruses. The B cell is also deregulated and will not produce protective antibodies even in the face of vaccination. What really is the point of vaccination without knowing if the patient’s immune system can respond favorably to a vaccine?

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