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Plechner’s Syndrome

As many of you know, Dr Alfred Plechner DVM, is one of the best veterinarians in the world today. I am often amazed by how perceptive and ahead of his time he is. I will next post an article on Plechner Syndrome also called ACEIS or Atypical Cortisol Estrogen Imbalance Syndrome, helping to describe some of his most important clinical studies. This will help us better understand hormones and the immune system and the tremendous part they play in areas of pet health such as cancer, allergies, autoimmune disorders such as SARDS & Lupus and more.

The doctors specialties are the immune system, the endocrine system and nutrition. This article by the good doctor, will give you a good understanding of how hormone production and balance, effects and regulates the immune system and its importance to pet health. You will also discover why “balance” is so important when discussing hormones.

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Not common terminology but occasionally brought up at the veterinarians office, so I felt this was a good time to help with a distinction between these diseases. If you hear this at the doctor office, you will have a better understanding of their significance. Even though we don’t hear these terms very often, it is important to understand them as there is a direct relationship with Catastrophic Disease in our pets so of course you want to have at least a basic understanding with the connection of the terms.

Please keep in mind that the body produces 30-35 mg of “active” cortisol “naturally”, in the Adrenal Glands, on a daily basis so if you or your dog CANNOT produce this or what is being produced is bound or defective then there is a cortisol deficiency causing an imbalance which can cause major consequences. If you did not know, cortisol is a “steroid” and is also a hormone. My point here is that in this day and age there is a tremendous fear and bad reputation of steroids but in reality, it’s ABUSE and a misunderstanding of its importance and its use, that is the problem and it’s important that you understand that a certain amount of cortisol is produced naturally and is needed by the body and in essence, it’s all about BALANCE.

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The medical profession is treating the effects of Cancer and Auto-Immunity aggressively, and is making gains. However did you ever wonder what caused cancer and auto-immunity?

Every patient I have been involved with, whether dogs, cats, horses or people, all have an identifiable, hormonal antibody imbalance. Every one of these patients with either cancer or auto-immunity has an active cortisol imbalance and elevated adrenal estrogen, with ovarian estrogen, if the patient is still going through ovulation. The elevated estrogen level, not only blocks the available use of thyroid hormones, but deregulates the immune system, so that these cells not only do not protect the body, but lose recognition of self tissue and turn against the body’s own tissue.

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A serious problem exists with the use and understanding on when and how to use a steroid safely.

Steroid supplementation in animals and humans is very common, and their side effects greatly feared.

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You must realize that food sensitivities may only occur secondarily to Plechner’s Syndrome, which is a hormonal antibody defect. If this syndrome is damaged and uncontrolled, eventually the patient will develop food sensitivities to all food. What are you going to do now?

When you or your pet have developed food sensitivities, you may be instructed by your healthcare professional, for you or your, pet, to use a different food.

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